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Attention on Deck!

Welcome to Alpha Squadron! This Fleet was created on the 29th Of January 2010, the 1st day of Early Access.

We are an international Fleet and we welcome new members of all abilities!

VENT - Myself and @MYRON_COLE have spent easily over $200 setting up a 25 man Vent server, so it would be nice to see more faces on the server... If you don't know how, check this out...   Email an Officer in-game or check the Fleet info tab for our log-in details. So please can everyone log onto Vent. If you're too shy to talk just log on and listen :P

STFs - Daily STFs (Infected, The Cure, Khitomer Accord and Undine Terradome) are held spontaneously, we've done 600+ so for. Email @CMDRZORPRIME or @BILLY-RAY if you need any raids organised

PVP - We have weekly informal PVP every Sunday and a weekly league. These are organised by @CMDRZORPRIME and @RADDICALRABBIT

DONATIONS - Thank you to all the Fleet members who have very generously donated credits to the bank. We have had over 110 million credits donated since the 25/5/10. This will be put to good use when Fleet stuff becomes available. Feel free to donate items and cash you don't want into our tabs :)

RECRUITMENT - We hit capacity on the 3/7/10 and we have been removing inactive players since then. Feel free to invite people into the Fleet. The more the merrier! If you see anyone without a FED or KLG Fleet please feel free to invite them in! Our Sister Klingon Fleet is called "Blade of Kahless" so feel free to add your toons there too!

QUITTING - If you know you are not going to play STO please drop me an email or move your toons into our alt Fleet, "Alt-pha Squadron." Ask in chat for an invite. Inactives will be removed on a regular basis to ensure we stay active! Also feel free to donate your items if you know you won't be coming back :)

FLEET CHAT - We don't use Fleet chat anymore and we have created our own chat channel. This will allow communication across all servers and Fleets (FED or KLG or on in Alt-pha Squadron)

To set up chat...

1) Right click on the word "Chat" at the top left of your chat box
2) A window should appear "Chat Configuration"
3) Click on the word "Channel" at the top
4) Enter the Name "Alpha Squadron" in the Join/Create box (without the " ") and click join
5) To use the "Alpha Squadron" chat channel, click on the bottom left of the chat box (where it says Local, Zone etc) and pick the Alpha Squadron channel.

So please don't use Fleet, use the Alpha Squadron chat channel

Thank you for joining Alpha Squadron, I'll see you out there!


AND FINALLY - Our Fleet was featured on Germany's #1 online games magazine. Google " special task force Khitomer" and click on the 1st link :D

UPDATE - I've just created a forum post linking together some good websites that you should take a look at...


Removal of the next set of 20 inactive players

Alpha Squadron, Jul 4, 10 10:47 PM.
This the 1st batch of 10 inactive people have been removed!!!

The next batch of 20 inactive people will be removed soon!!! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!!!

Check your ingame email for a list of who will be removed from the Fleet due to inactivity. Removal of people will commence when we rehit our capacity of 500 members. We are currently at 490. Email me ingame @LAL if you are on the list and don't wish to be removed.

Removal of inactive Fleet members is due to start!!!

Alpha Squadron, Jun 23, 10 7:51 PM.
Hi, check your ingame email and the Fleet forums here for a list of who will be removed from the Fleet due to inactivity. Removal of people will commence when we hit our capacity of 500 members. We are currently at 473. Email me ingame @LAL if you are on the list and don't wish to be removed.

This is the absolute LAST WARNING before the 1st batch of 10 people are removed!!!

Fleet photo #3!!

Alpha Squadron, Jun 8, 10 7:57 PM.
Hi Fleet,

We're looking to gather on Sunday the 13th of June at 22:30 (UK time) for a Fleet photo, please can you make sure you sort your Fleet uniform for that event. The photo should take <20 mins to do and I'll take it on my bridge.

A guide on how to get your uniform sorted can be found here...

At the bottom of the post there is a screen shot of what the uniform should look like (ignore the man in blue). Sorry no customizations allowed, ie gloves, badges or skirts etc.

Check out for previous Fleet photos  :)

STOP PRESS!!! I will be holding a special prize draw. Every one who comes along for the photo will have the chance to win a code that will allow you to get the TOS uniforms!!

(It is a 100% perfectly legitimate code and has never been used before. The only disclaimer being... it may have expired because it has been a long time since it was first given out, if this is case no other prize alternative will be given, apologies in advance if it has expired)

Fleet email!!!!

Alpha Squadron, Jun 8, 10 7:45 PM.
Hi Fleet! I thought it would be a good idea to create a forum post collecting together all the Fleet email I have been sending out.

This thread handily keeps all my communications together and allows new members to get up to speed with Fleet communications. Please could we all regularly check this post...  :)

Fleet photo #2!

Alpha Squadron, Apr 11, 10 9:40 AM.
Hi Fleet,

We're looking to gather on Sunday the 18th of April at 7pm (UK time) for a fleet photo, please can you make sure you sort your fleet uniform for that event. Please note this is a new date to accomodate more peeps :) A guide can be found here...

We'll probably meet up on a nice bridge somewhere or in the bar in Sol spacedock 

(sorry no customisations allowed)
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